Termite Information, Inspection and Remediation

Termite Information

Protect your home from the invading termites. Your single biggest investment is likely your HOME and termites can be a real and present danger to that investment.

Termites are very hard to detect and are known as the ‘Silent Destroyer’. Rotted or damp wood is the most common way termites will gain access to your home. The soft, pulpy wood gives access to both moisture and food to termites.

To prevent infestation, homeowners need to:

Quick facts:

  • Make sure no wood or wood debris is in contact with the soil and store any firewood away from their foundation and off the ground if possible.
  • Repair any leaks or drainage issues. Damp wood or moisture creates a tasty target for a new and healthy termite colony.
  • Humidity is conducive to termite problems. Insulate your crawl spaces or create a barrier to moisture and condensation.
  • Call EnviroPro for solution.

Termite Warning Signs

Quick facts:

  • Wood damage- tiny holes on any wood surface
  • Discarded wings- left near doors, windows, furnace rooms and the garage
  • Mud tubes/tunnels lining the foundation of your house, either inside or out
  • Sawdust/sand like ‘powder’ near doors, walls, windows or garage
  • Paint bubbling near wood surfaces
  • Flying termites inside your house

Our Pest Control Termite Specialists will do a thorough and complete inspection of your home to confirm if termites are present.

How does our Termite Inspection help you as the realtor, homeowner or buyer?

Inspection with a detailed report on the following:

Quick facts:

  • Evidence of wood boring insects
  • Severity of damage caused
  • Susceptibility of building to infestation
  • Remedial or protective measures required
  • Further investigations needed
  • Competitive home inspection rates

Our Products and Services:

Quick facts:

  • Sub Slab Injection
  • Wall Void Foam Injection
  • Direct wood treatment
  • Pre-construction treatments
  • Detailed reports to accompany
  • Warranty